The Best Isometric Shoulder Exercises

The Best Isometric Shoulder Exercises

If you stop and really focus on your shoulders right now, how do they feel? Nice and relaxed? Or full of stress and tension? Most of us experience shoulder pain, because our posture isn’t always what’s on our mind while sitting at our desk, in traffic, or on the couch binging our favorite show.

Although our arms usually get most of the attention, it’s our shoulders who are the real heroes of our everyday lifting activities, making them way more prone to injury. Every time you reach into your back pocket, raise your arm to adjust your rear-view mirror, or pick up a shopping bag, your shoulder is being put to work. To prevent pain and injury, it’s important to keep up with shoulder strengthening exercises, with regular stretching to improve mobility and reduce pain.

If you are one of the many people who experience shoulder pain, isometric exercises may be the perfect solution. Because they strengthen the muscles gradually and without strenuous movement, isometrics are great for building up those shoulders without any further pain. Here are some of the best isometric shoulder exercises.

Chest Press

This exercise is so easy, you can do it anywhere. It strengthens your shoulders, arms and chest, and doesn’t require any type of shoulder extension meaning minimal chances of injury or strain.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • With your elbows out, hold Activ5 between both hands in the prayer position
  • Press both palms into Activ5 and squeeze your chest muscles

Shoulder External Rotation

If you’re looking to get an amazing stretch while also giving your shoulders some extra power, this is the perfect move. It practices a controlled rotation, to help gain flexibility and prevent injury.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Place Activ5 above your left wrist with your right hand
  • Bend your left elbow 90 degrees and rotate it slightly to the left
  • Press Activ5 with your left forearm and right palm
  • Focus on squeezing the back of your shoulder and upper back
  • Repeat on opposite side

Standing Shoulder Press

This exercise will have you feeling the burn in your shoulders, chest, arms and core. It’s an all-around strength-building move that will increase shoulder stability.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Bend your left elbow by your side, fist up
  • Place Activ5 on top of your fist
  • Place your right palm on top of Activ5, keeping your arm at 90 degrees
  • Squeeze your left shoulder muscles as you press Activ5
  • Keep your feet firmly on the ground
  • Repeat on opposite side

Seated Shoulder Elevation

Whether you’re at your desk, on a plane or on your couch, you can do this exercise. It’s another great stress-free move that won’t create unnecessary pain by rotating your shoulder, plus it activates your neck, too.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Begin seated in the starting position holding the Activ5 in your right hand
  • Place the Activ5 on top of your left shoulder
  • Shrug your left shoulder into the Activ5
  • Repeat on opposite side

When you injure your shoulder, it can be a real hindrance to your everyday activities. And because your shoulder is an integral part of so many things you do, it can be difficult to repair it quickly without re-injuring it in the process. Incorporating isometric shoulder strengthening exercises helps keep shoulders stable, avoid pain, and rehabilitate an injured shoulder effectively.

The Activ5 smart isometric training device lets you get a simple and powerful shoulder workout in, wherever you are. When paired with the app for iOS or Android, you’ll be able to keep track of data like strength, heart rate, progress, and see your results in real time so you can get your shoulders back to doing what they do best, which is pretty much everything.

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