Older adults shouldn’t think of exercise as risky. On the contrary, regular exercise is the key to preserving your health. The trick is finding low-impact workouts that keep you strong–without triggering previous injuries or causing more.
Many people think they can’t lose weight because they would have to make dramatic changes to their lives. In truth, research shows that you can get in shape and accelerate your metabolism by exercising only a few minutes each day. You just need to follow an isometric exercise program that works for you.
Arthritis does not spell the end to an active life. If anything, exercise is all the more important for people suffering from arthritis. The trick is finding low-impact exercises that strengthen the muscles without exacerbating your symptoms – case in point, isometric exercise.
When it comes to safe and effective workouts, perhaps no group can benefit more than seniors. But a wide range of factors, including fitness level, strength, mobility, balance and others can impact what’s safe and effective. An 85 year-old California woman just completed the Boston Marathon this year, but a lot of people half her age have a hard time getting off the sofa.
ADHD is a condition that can cause difficulties with focus and hyperactivity. Thus, asking a person to perform isometric and yoga exercises to help their ADHD may seem akin to unleashing a bull in a china shop. Ironically, the practice of holding yoga poses is a panacea for people who struggle with stillness and focus and can provide an opportunity for its practitioners to retrain their brains and in doing so relieve their ADHD symptoms.
Welcome to Part 2 of the Simple Daily Workout series where we will show you isometric arm exercises that will tone and strengthen your arms. Whether your goal is to get more cut for the beach or just lose that dreaded arm flab, the Activ5 isometric arm workout will help you see results faster than ever.  Get ready to “curl-up” with Activ5!
Most fitness classes include music, but both Jazzercise and Zumba are fun exercises that step up engagement with dance routines designed to shape and strengthen you. Latin and world beats reign strong in Zumba’s salsa-style cardio routines as participants rumba and cha-cha through the hour.
Hips are often overlooked when working on strengthening routines, but they play an integral role in our everyday life. Your muscles and connective tissue can be easily damaged from running, walking, or even just sitting for long periods of time, when other muscles work harder to compensate. Without strong hips, your posture and stance can be affected, leading to improper form that can result in pain or injury.
Good health involves more than just a disease-free body and fit physique. Your mental health matters just as much: A sound mind contributes to your overall well-being by empowering you with the resolve to meet your physical health objectives.